Thanks for Your Entry to the ATB Challenge

We got your entry! Keep an eye out for updates and emails.

  1. Challengers will be selected and contacted by September 3rd.
  2. When selected you will be asked to spec your Ultimate ATB based on our Ultimate ATB platform. And, of course, your riding style, experience and course expectations. Choose wisely! There will be consequences!
  3. We will build your Ultimate ATB and bring it to you at the challenge.
  4. You will need to arrange, manage and pay for your own travel to the airport in Burlington, Vermont on September 17th.
  5. All you will need to bring is your own frame & handlebar bags, gear and equipment (including saddle and pedals). This is part of the challenge—what bags you run, how you pack, what you pack, etc. *Lights will be required.
  6. Aaaaand nutrition and food for the challenge itself. You will need to bring that too as this is also part of the challenge.
  7. Otherwise all other expenses and travel will be arranged, managed and paid for by us.
  8. Bottomline, get yourself and some basic equipment to Burlington and we got you. We’ll meet you there with an Ultimate ATB specced exactly to your liking and from that point on for the next three days we’ll take care of EVERYTHING. *Except successfully completing the challenge, that’s on you.
  9. ATB Basecamp is located in a secret, rugged and remote location in North America. You’re going to love this spot. It’s got wifi, alcohol (included!), maple access, plumbing, bedrooms, and amazing catered meals by someone who’s real good at food, in fact she’s a professional. #glamping
  10. No joke. This is The World’s Most Challenging ATB Route ever created/imagined/attempted. There is no support  but we got you. Meaning; bailouts, medical attention, Spot Trackers (we provided), etc. We’re not going to leave you out there or forget about you!
  11. Remember! This is a reality TV Game Show, so expect new friends and lots of sharing.
  12. You will need to get yourself, your bags, and the dope-ass Ultimate ATB you just won home from Burlington, Vermont on September 21st.
  13. COVID-19: You will have to be fully vaxxed in order to participate.