This is an open casting call. We’re looking for five challengers to participate in an ATB-themed reality TV Game show. If selected we’ll build you the Ultimate ATB—based on your specs; choose wisely!— and fly you to a secret, rugged and remote location somewhere in North America where you and four other challengers will be given the opportunity to survive the World’s Most Challenging ATB Route ever imagined. If you successfully complete the route in less than 18 hours you will win your Ultimate ATB and fly home a legend. If you care deeply about adventure and love cyclo-overlanding, then we want you!


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Presented by ENVE
We’ve created the World’s Ultimate ATB Platform: (ENVE ATB Kit + Crust Bombora ATB Edition + Ultradynamico ATB tireset + SRAM ATB groupset). If selected, you will be tasked with speccing the final build—650 vs. 700, drop bar vs. flat bar, clipless vs. flat—based on your riding style, experience and course expectations. Do your research and choose wisely as your decisions will have consequences!
This is a reality TV game show!
We need 5 challengers!
After successfully speccing your Ultimate ATB you and four other challengers will be flown to an undisclosed insanely rugged rural location somewhere in the continental United States where you and four other challengers will try to survive the World’s Most Challenging ATB Route ever imagined.
Successfully complete the course in 18 hours or less to win your Ultimate ATB and fly home a legend.


In the beginning, God made 10-speeds and BMX bikes and that was plenty. But then the 1980's came and we discovered “lifestyle sports.” Modern adventure was born and a new kind of bike was needed and so a new kind of bike was marketed to your dad. Designed for the full spectrum of Earth's awe-inspiring topography, these new bikes were strong, rugged and knobby. But capitalist big bike greed created a schism and thus two opposing groups formed; MTB vs. ATB. Mountain bikers chased speed, comfort and lift access in the form of consumer driven technological imperatives. While All Terrain bikers focused on adventure, problem solving and life affirming experiences. Alas, Mountain Bikers and their insatiable thirst for full-face helmets won, and the art of All Terrain Bicycling was lost forever. Or was it?
Presented by ENVE
Push your physical, mental, mechanical, spiritual and
 emotional limitations!
Earn the ultimate ATB bike of your dreams!
Experience Rapture!
Everyone with the spirit of ATB inside them is welcome!
Be a part of the
  ATB community!
Everyone with the commitment to finish is invited!
Only 5 will be chosen!
1 We Want You
2 Care Deeply
3 Epic Distances
4 Knobby Pleasures
5 Gravel Truth
6 One Bike to Rule Them All

We want you, We don't care how fast you are. We don't care how slow you are. We don't care what you look like. We don't care what you smell like. We don't care what you sound like. All we care about is that you complete the challenge.

Do you care deeply for adventure? Are you ready to experience the world's most demanding, challenging, and awe inspiring cyclo-overland route?

Epic distances and glorious speeds are cute but sometimes supertucking just doesn't cut it. Hold my line? No, you hold your line bro.

The knobby pleasures of mountain biking are vast and glorious. Gnarly consequences, exposure, threading the needle between gravity bullies and marathon junkies on groomer single track. But what about hike-a-bikes, what about river fording, and on demand top roping?

On its own it's really boring, really long and really dusty—a time trial through a sea of former athletes and monotonous landscapes.

Old-timers call it underbiking. Basics call it quiver-killing. Lord of the Rings fans call it One Bike To Rule Them All. This, my friends, is A-T-B.

Presented by ENVE

The application process is now closed. Our five challengers have been contacted! You may still complete the form below if you want to be on the exclusive ATB email list, or just want to share your deepest ATB thoughts.

First, tell us a bit about you:

I can find comfort with discomfort.
I am willing to endure for the sake of personal growth, transcendence and transformation….and to win a bike.
An ancient-but-still-functioning vending machine or roadside fruit stand has saved my life.

Next, take the ATB personality test.

Suspension fork or carbon wheels with tubeless tires?
What is more important?
Can you identify wild edible plants?
Is cotton or leather a better technical fabric?
Can you fish with your bare hands?
Do you have orienteering experience?
Climb trees or jump into water?
Push a bike or drag a bike?
Favorite bag attachment method?

Last, upload a 1-3 minute video :)

  • Shoot it on your phone, vertical format.
  • Tell us who you are and what you’re about.
  • Tell us why you love the outdoors, adventure, and riding bikes.
  • Tell us what kinda creativity and “game” you’ll bring to building-up your Ultimate ATB.
  • Tell us why you want to be a part of the world's first ATB event. Is ATB your thing? Are you ready for ATB to be your thing? Does ATB speak to your heart?
  • Tell us why you think you can complete the world’s most challenging ATB course.
  • Tell us what lengths you will go to to complete the world’s most challenging ATB course.
  • Tell us why you need this challenge.
Accepted file types: mp4, mov, Max. file size: 50 MB.
An unlisted YouTube video works great!
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